Thursday, October 25, 2012

today's the day

Today's the day for so many things. I got caught up on dishes and some laundry and I slept in a bit. Exciting  news, right? It's also the Walrus' birthday. We're celebrating by going out to dinner and buying me shoes. Ha! Although in all fairness, I bought his birthday present last month. He wanted those 5 toe walking shoes so we went ahead and called it his birthday present.

But back to today... I'm so excited about getting some new running shoes. I'm going to Fleet Feet to look at my form and get properly fitted with shoes, inserts, and socks... and maybe some gloves. It's supposed to be COLD for our next trail workout on Wednesday. I'm not quite ready for my workout outerwear yet. Working up to it. But I digress...again... I've been reading a lot about Mizuno and I'm kind of hoping the shoe store recommends these:

Not only did I like the review, I'm LOVING on those colors!

Reviewed here. Mizuno is unique, as you may know, because they don't spend a lot of money on traditional marketing and advertising. They spend their money and efforts by word of mouth. They give their shoes to people to try themselves so they'll write about it and spread the word. To be eligible and maybe chosen, just register on their website. I'm not endorsing them in any way. Yet. I just really like how they do business and I'm impressed with the reviews I've read thus far. Nevertheless, I hope to get shoes as comfy as those look and I want some loud obnoxious color to go with.

Gearing up for another busy weekend full of Halloween activities and school fundraisers including: Halloween Costume Ball, bake sale, trick-or-treat at the Desoto State Park, and a birthday party. Hoping my Sunday schedule remains CLEAR and FREE.

Happy Thursday ya'll!

Thankful for:
~centeredness re-obtained today
~reasons to celebrate
~togetherness in family, friendship, and the homestead
~another day to rejoice and enjoy

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