Sunday, October 7, 2012

weekend recap

Well, I didn't get to take the bike out like I wanted Friday. In fact it turned out to be an unintentional rest day. I needed it though, my body was quite tired and my muscles were quite achy. Instead, I spent the day at my friend's house working and using her washer. I love how my work is portable when need be. I wanted to felt the yoga mat bag I knitted and I needed a washer with an agitator. Doesn't quite do the job in a front load washer like mine (which I loathe. can't wait until I'm done saving up for a new set).

Finally got this bad boy felted. I'll try to post a less-blurry picture of it done. It's  been drying all weekend and is still not done.

So yeah, that took all day of running it through several very hot water cycles. We did get out for a quick 2 mile evening doggie walk though. 

Saturday, I got up and did part of my training for the 5k coming up the 13th. It was good. I did 1 minute of walking and 4 minutes of running for 40 minutes. I misread the training schedule and accidentally did 40 minutes instead of 35. There are worse mistakes I suppose. Ha! The family and I saw Hotel Transylvania (highly entertaining) matinee and I worked a lot as well. A very productive day. We had a yummy fajita dinner made by the kids and the husband, then we put little man to bed and watched another movie with my lovely step daughter. We saw Catfish. Wow. Is all I got to say. Wow. Good movie. Really gets you thinking about genius bordering on a little lot of madness. I love how you have no idea what the title has to do with the movie until the end. What a collaboration. I guess I had more to say. But. Wow.

Sunday was a bit chilly but I didn't end up getting up early so no matter. I ended up working so much on Saturday to make up time lost in the week and get ahead for this coming week, that I really wanted to sleep in today. And I did. The boy and I rode our bikes for 20 minutes at the park rather leisurely. When we got home, I took it out for about 5 more miles. It was quite grueling mostly since I haven't biked on a regular basis in quite some time. Mostly my rump from the seat (although gelled) and my shoulders hurt from tensing them toward my ears that I hardly had time to think about how bad my quads were burning. Silver lining. 

Now, I will try and finish the hat I started several weeks ago. I have so many more projects I want to start but am trying to control my knitting ADD. Now that I felted, I want to felt a bunch of coasters for the wood table with all my left over bits of wool. Focus. One thing at a time. Maybe two.

Finding joy in a lot of quality time spent with the family and still getting some time for me. Finding joy in doggie walks with happy doggies. Finding joy in chilly but cozy weather. Finding joy in a new air purifier and hoping it gives me a restful allergen-free sleep. Finding joy in a packed weekend and reminding myself to breathe. Slowly. So many school fundraisers, school PTO activities, doctors appointments, bell choir, and minor surgery scheduled. It's all so very good and I feel very fortunate to have the time, resources, and strength to get through it all. 

Joyfully. Peacefully. With loving kindness.

Fruits to ponder, practice, and meditate on: Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

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