Thursday, November 22, 2012

5k turkey trot 2012

This morning was a glorious, bright, and chilly way to greet this wonderful holiday. I headed out early to a 5k Turkey Trot sponsored by the science club at a local high school. Very well organized. Recognized several people from my previous race as well as the hiking clubs I'm involved in and my trainer. I also got to run with my healthy friend. She did awesome. She was quite vindicated from her last race in which she did not get to finish. She was steady and strong, as was I...I was just much slower.

I came in at 41:13. Not bad for me. AND I ran the whole time with no stopping or walking. Of course, several walkers passed me but ah well. It's all good. I'll just have to work on my speed now. My last race was about 39 and some change but it wasn't a true 5k. My last one was about 2.94 if my fitbit was any indication. This race was a true 5k if not a tad more.

There were lots of hills, the kind that sneak up on you and cows galore and pastures that made it hard to take a deep breath if you know what I mean. Pew-phyou! It was lovely nonetheless. This area was taken out 2 springs ago by some really strong tornadoes (including the school and coliseum where we started). It was very nice to see the area rebuilt and doing well (and the cows replaced or back home). The coliseum and school look better than ever.

The best part was seeing my family cheer me at the end. It meant the world to me to see their support.

Finding joy in beautiful days, a wonderful supportive family, good food, doggie walks in the near future, and a great run to start the day.

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