Wednesday, November 14, 2012

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Had my usual busy Wednesday. Except I only have 5000+ steps at 8:42 at night. I've been getting about 17,000 on Wednesdays. We usually hike and run and do hill repeats and other such craziness with my trainer Wednesday mornings but today - I -  got a cardio blast in her garage. Our class has been dwindling and I got another session all to myself. She thoroughly kicked it even without the steppage.

I usually do my trail workout, work, go to bell choir, and teach a parable class to kids at night. I don't have to teach big group or kids' choir classes, so I usually get the rest of my steps on the walking track until my kid is ready to go home.

No hike, running, or extra steps at church. Just a hiney-kicking this morning and I opted to do a 25 minute yoga session during my "free" time this evening.

I need to remember to change it up a bit from time to time. This was a good day. Looking forward to a good walk tomorrow.

Thankful for the life before me. Thankful for finding joy in each day with each breath. Thankful for a weekend with nothing scheduled and a boy, husband, and doggies to share it with.

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