Thursday, November 29, 2012

got the okey-dokey

I spoke of the Body Ecology book the other day. It really described all my health problems from allergies to cholesterol to overall well being to a T. I was a bit reluctant to fully start it because of my mold allergies and the book's penchant for fermented foods (mostly fermented vegetables). It's all about eradicating the bad flora in our bodies with good bacteria. I've been following the food combining rules along with drinking lots of room temperature water and avoiding liquids at mealtime so far. But now I'm ready to go full-on.

They're careful to distinguish between moldy foods and simply fermented foods but since cultures, yeast, and the process of fermenting are really molds when it all comes down to it, I wanted to make sure this was safe to experiment with and not undo all the immunotherapy from the last 2.5 years. Or you know, cause a major reaction and kill me.

So I had my quarterly follow-up with my allergist, who assured me this diet would be safe to try and probably even help me with my cholesterol, thyroid and overall health. He said I might react to some of it but assured me it wasn't life threatening. He's quite aware of my love of exercise and quest for health since I routinely run into him (sometimes literally) on the trails. He's an avid trail runner and quite healthy. I not only respect him as a doctor but as a healthy human being with a healthy, lovely family. His wife and daughter are uber cool as well. Good people.

So we'll see. I'll be experimenting with fermenting my own vegetables as well as making my own kefir from young coconut amongst other recipes and foods I'm not very well acquainted with.
from my 9 mile hike at Bear Creek back country trails in Cloudland State Park last Saturday.

So thankful for a doctor I trust. Thankful for the care of his staff and nurses. Thankful for a week of sunny, cold weather to exercise in as well as my trainer and friends I exercise with. So good. It's all so very good.

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