Friday, November 2, 2012

hiking trail thisaway

What a lovely day I had. The winds have calmed down and the temperature much more moderate. I picked up a friend with whom I haven't seen in ages. We went to Huntsville to exchange my shoes, shop a bit at Target, eat lunch, and go.... HIKING. Any day with hiking will be a good day. And it was. This is a big deal for us. We don't have a lot of shopping or restaurants here. Huntsville is an hour and a half away. We tried to make the most of it. 

I was really good at lunch. A little too good. I ordered the lunch size grilled chicken salad at Chili's. I didn't plan for lunch, I just knew I would order healthy. I came out of there still very hungry. I just found out the salad was only 260 calories. No wonder. The dinner size salad is only 430. Should've ordered that. It was very tasty and know better for next time. 

A little sick of always having steamed broccoli for a side, my friend asked what she could substitute for it. Weirdly enough, the waitress said, "Oh we have many other healthy sides like sweet potato fries...." I said, "Cool, do ya'll bake them then?" "No," she replied, "they're fried..." Doh. Gotta ask, don't ya? 

We hiked in Monte Sano State Park. I absolutely loved it there. I learned today that Monte Sano is Spanish for "Mountain of Health." How apropos. Can't wait to try more trails there. We did the South Plateau rim (the white trail below) with great views. Right on top of the mountain yet very leveled and about 3.5 miles around. Just what I needed after my hard workout yesterday. My hamstrings are killing me! I was very slow to say the least.

After the hike, we stopped off and got snacks at Publix for our ride home. I got a banana and 2 mini muffins. My friend got a banana and yogurt. All in all, a very healthy day indeed.

We spent most of the ride home talking and daydreaming about upcoming goals. We have a 5k Turkey Trot coming up Thanksgiving. We also talked about aiming for a 10k, half marathon, and my friend is really thinking big. She would like to to the Grand Canyon rim in 2-3 years' time. I love that. We also talked about similar, smaller goals we could achieve closer to home like Gatlinburg. The possibilities are endless.

What a gorgeous day!

Somebody hijacked my camera. Pretty.

Look at that view. Just spectacular. I just got this jacket today at the lovely Tar-jay.

My beautiful, healthy friend. She's a great influence on me.
Peace, light, love, and joy is my prayer for you today. Pass it on. :-)


  1. Ohhhh! That was so sweet! I had an awesome time!


    1. You're my first commenter! I need to send you a surprise!