Sunday, November 4, 2012

i can see clearly now the rain is gone...

Lately, I've been looking at current pictures of me and I can't see a difference. Although I feel better and my clothes fit better, I find myself feeling like I'm not making progress. I know this is bogus logically but my negative feelings have been trying to take over. I haven't been as careful with my eating for the past two weeks. It's not out of control but could be if I don't tighten my belt - figuratively- I won't be able to tighten my belt...literally. I'm up 2 pounds this week.

Worst of all, I've been a bit cranky this last week. My crankiness is just one symptom of the 2 pounds I'm up right now. Since I haven't been as careful with my eating, my coffee consumption is back up to a once a day habit. I'm allergic and can only handle it about once a week, if that. My allergic reaction wasn't very present at first but I let it go and now I'm miserable. Likening allergies to a bucket...I've filled it up. Once I work on emptying it, I can handle it in small amounts.

Then yesterday happened. Doesn't it always? Heheh. I found a picture from May 11. It was a group photo taken at a friend's birthday party. May was the month everything clicked and started me on a different path.

What happened? A doctor's visit where my weight was up, cholesterol out of control, a hike I couldn't handle (that has NEVER happened), workouts I couldn't keep up with, and generally feeling like crap. AND? and this picture, which I forgot about but it helped me SEE the way. All in May. Yes, sometimes I need to be hit over the head. May was the hammer.

May 11, 2012
This week on our hike, I was telling my friend that I can't see a difference in my pictures. This is the picture I was talking about.

November 1, 2012

So yeah. NOW I see the difference.

Finding joy in spontaneously warm days, the great outdoors, lots of family and friend hikes.

Thankful I saw the light again after 2 weeks and 2 pounds instead of 20 pounds. Thankful for a new resolve and focus.

I'm refocusing by concentrating on journaling all my food and varying my workout. I need to blog about my running as of late. Soon to come.

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