Tuesday, November 20, 2012

oh DUKE, i would travel for MILES to feel your ARMSTRONG

I had a wonderfully active, filling, and still restful weekend. See it was so great, it took me until Tuesday to write about part of it. Friday night, the boy and I went to a concert at Nippersink Lodge. So fun. Lots of bluegrass, jazz, folk, and a bit of rag time (done on a guitar nonetheless. And new. A new rag time song you know, written recently. So new.). Little man was out after the first act (Gloria- who sounded like a slightly older Katharine Whalen from the Squirrel Nut Zippers). The first act was followed by Lon Eldridge (whose voice is as smooth as Lake Michigan in January), and then Pugsley Buzzard(New Orleans-esque reminiscent of Louis Armstrong). The night was highly entertaining filled with a bite in the chilly night but warmed by good company and music. I love a small venue concert.

The boy is out. By 7:30. I thought he would at least make until 9. Did I mention the lodge was only heated by 1 fireplace?
Birds' Eye view. That's Lon Eldridge playing.
My friend Marcus returned for a visit and came to the concert. I finally finished his hat in Verdes to show my appreciation for his sharing of Yoga this summer. Divine. I think he's done this modeling thing before. :-)
I also learned about Kickstarter from Lon Eldridge. A cool org that allows you to help fund struggling musicians. I think the music scene has changed drastically in the last 10 years or so. Mostly for the better. The big recording labels are slow to catch up with the times but it's all getting better, yes? The best part about the labels' neglect is that it puts the music more in the consumers' hands and our voices are heard even louder.

Thankful for a wonderful evening with good friends and even more thankful to jump into my warm bed after a chilly night on the town.

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