Thursday, November 8, 2012

thursday's mix tape yoga style

I thought I would share a Yoga mix with you this week. I prefer to go to class but I have a couple of DVDs (Bryan Kest), some downloaded from Yoga Journal, and routines I've made up on stand-by. My favorite to do by myself is Yin Yoga. Depending on the pose, you hold each for 3-5 minutes. Very invigorating. Audio preview is also available in top right sidebar, labeled Yoga Mix Tape. Without further ado, here's some accompanying music for my practice. Hope you enjoy.

Somebody asked what programs I use and where I buy my music. Since she had her profile locked down, I couldn't respond so I'll share it here. I buy most of my music through Amazon. They usually have the most selection, they're very easy to use, and usually the cheapest. I also use iTunes because they have some exclusive agreements on certain albums/songs not available elsewhere. I always use the iTunes software for making playlists. It's easy and it came with the computer, so you know, kinda free. I'm not promoting's just what I do. I'm sure there's a kajilion other ways too.

I used to collect CDs as a hobby when I was much younger and tried to keep up with lesser-known musicians. They always worked a lot harder and were usually better than mainstream. Although, I appreciate a lot of mainstream too. I'm not as good at keeping up anymore but I dabble from time to time checking out and collecting new songs (MP3s now) along the way.

Today, I'm thankful for:
~A cold morning that quickly turned warm due to an intense outside workout.
~Shelter, food, family, and freedom
~My cogs, for they are-a-churning to think up new and different ways to exercise. Lots of daydreaming going on BUT still exercising all the while... not just the daydreaming. Heheh.
~Daydreams again. I'm conspiring with a friend to spread the spark locally. We're brainstorming on doing a year-round fundraiser whilst inspiring people to get moving.
~Today I sold my last 2 seats at One World's charity dinner! Woot! I'm table captain for the dinner/silent auction and had to sell by the plate for one table. So relieved people came through and committed to such a great cause and event.
~That I had a knitting project in the car. That was a LONG train!

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