Friday, November 23, 2012

weekend update, you know before this weekend happens

Like I mentioned on Tuesday's blog, I had a good, fun, and productive weekend. Although Saturday I was highly agitated. Not sure why I was so irritable probably from doing things I really needed to do but was putting it off.

I spent a good part of Saturday staining and weatherproofing these babies. The Walrus got quite a deal on these off season items. I got it done after totally getting frustrated with a knitting project I couldn't quite start. I've been promising the Walrus an ear-flap hat for some time and really want to have one for him this season. I was having trouble getting the gauge (sizing) right and started and frogged (ripped out) it several times. Finally had to walk away and tackle the chairs while the weather was sunny and dry. It all worked out...for the chairs and my attitude. Not the hat. Maybe this weekend will be it.

Then for Sunday... something kind of serendipitous happened. I had invited a friend and his mother to attend hot yoga in Chattanooga early Sunday morning. He taught us free yoga on the brow of the mountain this summer and had expressed interest in the studio I attend from time to time. He is back in town and visiting his mom so I invited them and another friend (Moon) who cancelled at the last minute. At the time, I didn't realize his girlfriend (Sun, not her real name) made the trip with them. I had only met her once. So at the concert Friday night, my friend and his mom informed me that Sun wanted to come with me but that they already had plans.  I was a bit apprehensive but feigned excitement...only because it's an hour drive each way and I didn't know her very well. What were we going to talk about all that time?

Well, what didn't we talk about? My worries were for naught, as they usually are.

One of the most interesting topics involved my allergies and her diet. She introduced me to the Body Ecology book. We had a long, involved discussion about candidiasis, digestion, and health. Boy did I have a light bulb moment. Everything she and subsequently the book described, was me to a T. Not only that, it's my brother, my parents, and grandparents to a T. Wow.

I've been devouring the book and taking copious notes. Although, I think this is the perfect cleanse and healthy way of eating for me, I'm still a bit reluctant. I have a doctor's appointment on Thursday with my ENT guy who diagnosed my allergies. Mostly molds and fungi. The book prescribes a lot of fermented foods to balance your body and to equalize the bad molds in your body with the good molds and bacteria. Meanwhile, I've been avoiding fermented foods of all kinds because of my allergies so I need him to look at this with me and see if my body can handle it. I'm hoping this will be the answer because I think the bad molds and bacteria in my body is a big part of my allergy issues. A vicious cycle, no?

Meanwhile, I've adopted some the Body Ecology diet already. Ones I feel comfortable without talking to a doctor about, ones I've implemented before and make sense to me: drinking room temp water, drinking more than half your water by mid-morning, avoid drinking or only drink warm drinks with a meal, and the art of food combining.

I am at a point in my life where I heed my body's signals. Unfortunately, I think I'm so out of balance, the signals are usually wrong. Like craving sweets which mold loves to feed on.

My Sunday was quite lovely. Not only did we talk about all that, we talked about yoga, art, good food, and family. We shopped a bit for lunch at Greenlife, took a long walk over the Tennessee River walking bridge, picnicked, partook in samples from a lovely bakery, and walked through an outdoor sculptural exhibit.

All in all a lovely day. I have to remember to keep my fears about other people at bay with an open and loving mind. It's always so good to do so. After a lovely day with Sun, the Walrus and I took the boy and spent the afternoon in the park. We played, did pushups, tree planks, and had loads of fun.

A good weekend indeed.

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