Monday, November 12, 2012

what i had for lunch and other bad blogging form

I know the old "what I had for lunch" blog post is probably not the most interesting. I felt compelled to share anyway. I'm a lazy cook. The laziest. Do you ever do this?

I never claimed to be a good photographer. Or a photographer at all. And to continue my bad form, yes, I eat at my computer. I don't tend to snack very much but I do eat my lunches and sometimes my breakfast while I work...or blog.
That's my [mostly] raw food lunch. I know there's a whole raw food movement but this isn't it. I've been to a raw food demonstration and it's a lot harder than cooking. It was yummy and palatable but cooking is much easier. Anyway, I try to reap the benefits of raw foods and fit it in when I can. For lunch, most of the time. I can hardly find the gumption to make myself cook or prepare. I get a wild hair every once in a while... but not often. When I do, it usually involves the slow cooker...or ordering out. I do, however, have a husband who loves to cook! He's pretty much a food genius and has quite the knack and expertise in the food preparation department. I'll take care of cleanup, thank you very much.

So what came out of my laziness today? Granny Smith apple w/1 tbls of sprouted almond butter, 1 oz of pretzel crisps, 2 tbls of ranch dip made out of light sour cream and non-chemical added ranch mix (i.e. NOT Hidden Valley but I can't remember the brand right now), and 1 medium red bell pepper. It's been my go-to lately. I vary the vegetables from time to time and sometimes I save the apple for a snack but there you go.

And no, just like my coffee allergy, I'm not supposed be having black tea leaves like the ones in darjeeling either but sometimes I just need to have something a bit bold. I love green and red teas but darjeeling hit the spot today.

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