Wednesday, December 12, 2012

is it the flu?

(I stole this from a picture making fun of the fiscal outlook, hence the dollar sign -looking treble clef.)
...inFLUenza. bababaBUmmmmm! It's here, it's fierce. It's day 4 and it's kicking my derriere! I haven't had the actual flu since I was 17. Back then it was fierce and intense but only 24 hours. Ah, to be new again. This sucks big time. I woke up with 102 degree fever this morning (day 4!). After using some peppermint oil, I'm down to 98. I thought maybe I didn't have a fever this morning since the auditory hallucinations had dissipated. Don't worry the dialogues were entertaining and didn't tell me to do bad things. BaH! But alas. It must just be lower than before. Not sure why it didn't occur to me to check my temperature the first 3 days, probably half out of my mind. Although several sweat detox baths promise you'll sweat profusely, I haven't found one that makes me sweat. Will try one more this afternoon.

My stepdaughter spent last weekend with us and informed us Monday afternoon that she got sent home from school for the week for the flu. She said if feels like she did 100s of crunches...but have done none. Heh. That's about right. Everything hurts so bad.

I called the doctor this morning. Can't fit me in until January. Even with the flu. They're calling me some meds in. Not sure how I feel about prescribing me something without seeing me. Will probably lose my $#!& if they call in antibiotics (since the flu is viral AND don't even get me started on a tirade about antibiotics anyhow). Don't think I will follow through but am just curious enough to call the pharmacist, find out what they called in, and cancel it. I like my doctor for a lot of reasons but I think I need to find a new one. Hohum. She's just too busy.

I have a bit more of an appetite today and I managed to walk a very slow half mile. I topped out yesterday at 1400 steps. I'm already at 2600 steps today and it's only noon. Woo-wee. It's the strangest feeling to be physically hungry but still not want to eat. I've definitely lost weight this week but not in good way.

Finding relief in homemade cough syrup from my friend Dana, using essential oils, sleep, and hopefully a detox bath that will make me sweat profusely. Will report on that more when I find a recipe that works.

ETA: The nurse called me back and asked if I've been tested for the flu or if it's a possible upper respiratory infection (2 very different treatments). "Ummmm," I said, "No I wasn't tested...THE DOCTOR COULDN'T SEE ME!!!" But she was very nice so I tried my best not to be too sarcastic. I told her why I thought it was the flu and she said it sounded like it. Told me I could take tamaflu (very expensive Rx) or ride it out. She said if I have a decent immune system and I'm already on day 4, she didn't think tamaflu could do much for me at this point. So there we are.

Looking forward to regularly scheduled days of work, workouts, and a well-rounded diet (something other than tea, toast or crackers, and bananas).

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