Friday, December 7, 2012

budgeting...what a novel idea

I have a confession to make...I'm not very good with money. My Dad was a financial advisor and he got me started very early with retirement. I'm so thankful for that because it's the one thing I've consistently saved for since my late teens. But as far as daily living, budgeting, etc. I have a lot of room for improvement.

My diet and exercise has really taught me about daily budgeting. The concepts are spilling over financially as well. My husband is a big help too. He's got it going on, I just need to follow his lead more.

Today I was particularly impressed by someone's blog today. There's things she wants and she just completely re-budgeted to get the personal training she so desires.

 I just cancelled my cable and internet at my apartment, so that'll save me $160 a month. I want to use that money to continue to do training sessions every Tues. (SNEVIL1)

How awesome is that? Who has time for TV anyway? We gave up satellite about 3 years ago. Don't miss it. Not. One. Bit. And I used to LOVE tv. I even went into it as a career for awhile and majored in broadcast journalism. But meh. What can I say? We grow, we change... it's all good. But I digress.

I've always admired people who follow a budget strictly. There's a lot to be said about their integrity and living life to the fullest. Being able to acquire and do the things that matter. Experiences, etc. In fact, we do more experience for Christmas than gifts. So I have to give ourselves props there. Our material tradition is to make our own glass ornaments at Orbix each year. We get a beautiful piece of art and we have fun doing it.

December 2010. Westley didn't hold his very high for the pic but you can see it there at the bottom, red & black were his colors that year. Last year he had a giraffe motif. Can't wait to see what he picks tomorrow.

That's Buttercup making hers. December 2011.
Last year my boy did Random Acts of Kindness Advent Style for the big Christmas gift of experience last year. We mixed it up by doing things on the cheap like writing anonymous notes thanking people for their holiday decorations, putting quarters on candy machines, and more expensive ones like putting gift cards on random cars. All done on a budget.

The year before we did Adventures Advent Style by trying something new each day. Usually a trail we've never hiked or other activity.

Visiting the canyon 2010.

Hiking Powell Trail 2010.
Yesterday, we got hit with a big vet bill. NOT budgeted. Poor Shine (doggie #3) got into something good in the woods and got a bacterial infection. I'm happy to report after an IV for fluids, some probiotics & antibiotics, and a shot for anti-nausea, some essential oils for comfort, she is almost back to her old self. She slept through the night for the first time this week (as did I) and there was no mess in the morning. Financially, I know it's going to be okay because we were careful everywhere else. It still stings but I'm thankful for her regained health.

dear Shine, so sweet

So, back to budgeting. The point is, we have to get creative to get the things we want out of life by not getting caught in any traps that makes our money just pay credit card bills (and subsequently not remembering what it was all for). That's no fun. It's all in the loving and prioritizing. Do what you love. And when love and fun are in the priority list, everything else falls in place.

So thankful for a healthy doggies, healthy family, work that provides, an upcoming CSA membership (budgeted, yay!), friends that like to meet for hikes and having tea, healthy food, and exercise. Life is good.

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