Wednesday, December 19, 2012

love a good barter

Still feeling pretty lousy but overall much better than my flu-ey self last week. My fever and aches are gone and now I'm just left with the chest congestion. I keep reminding myself this is better but it doesn't help me (or my husband) sleep better at night with all the hacking and choking. I feel today is the day. I'm missing another session with my trainer this morning but she said she would go walking with me later. I'm back up to a slow 2 miles. I have the energy but I get winded because of my chest congestion. I'm getting there. The boy is home sick again today and I think the Walrus caught it too. :-(

With my energy levels up, I decided to de-clutter the bathroom a bit this Sunday. I've had this piece of furniture lingering around with no space for it. I like it but there's no place for it in this house. I know because I've tried for the last 4 years, moving it here and there. It was time to let go so I posted it on facebook and got a taker.

It's a mirrored jewelry cabinet and I've been walking around it in our bathroom for quite a while. So, my friend Dana asked how much. I told her, "you want it, it's yours." She knew I was feeling badly so she made me a little gift bag. She made me some Liquid Green Bomb (not for the faint of heart but oh-so-effective for the flu and congestion), some homemade lip balm, cedar sachet, and threw in some throat coat tea.

That's what I love about this town and living here with such great people. There's always give AND take. I give up a lovely piece of furniture and get the medicine I so desperately needed. Somebody offers up his services sharing his yoga practice, he gets a new homemade knit hat. Somebody throws a winter solstice celebration, we all bring a dish, some bring a guitar, and we all bring the good vibes. Love it.

I also made some vapor shower pods this week. They weren't overly effective but I think it was the starch I used and the baking soda wasn't very fresh. But when I threw it in a hot bath and turned the jets on, it was really good at clearing up my sinuses. I think it made for a better sleep last night. I only woke up once with the coughing and once when the boy came down with a tummy ache. Poor little guy.

Looking forward to getting outside today. It's sunny and will get up to about 67. Today will be a good day to catch up on work, take it easy, and wind down from a very busy day yesterday which included driving to Atlanta for work and to visit family in the waiting room at Scottish Rite. Lifting them up in healing white light and peace. The patient is doing super but it's not my story to tell. Suffice to say, she's strong and recovering superbly.

bonus picture of little man at this weekend's Christmas play

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