Friday, December 14, 2012


Slowly. Day by day. Minute by minute...I'm gaining momentum. Back to a full, healthy diet, exercise, cleanliness, fully druther-ed again ol' self from the abysmal abyss of the flu. I woke up yesterday still a bit sick but much better. I wish now I would've known that was going to be my only burst of energy yesterday. I would've used it better. Instead, I got caught up on dishes and one load of laundry. One, just one. Ah well, better than nothing, yes?

I managed one half mile s l o w walk yesterday (as I did the day before), thanks to the Walrus' encouragement. The worst part? Little man came down with it yesterday. He was quite pitiful. He was so good and rested and slept a lot. He felt refreshed and ready for school again this morning. Again, ahhhh, to be new and to heal so quickly.

So thankful the Walrus was home this week. He really picked up the slack as he always does. I slept in, took a 3 hour nap around lunchtime, and still managed to mostly keep up with work. All thanks to him for driving carpool, taking Westley to gymnastics and church and the dentist, cooking us meals and all the little extras that make life easier.

Now I look forward to planning a bit more. Not much more since I'm not much of a planner but I usually have something laid out in my mind. Looking forward to a more balanced diet that includes more than just bananas, crackers, broth, and tea. My physical endurance will have to be rebuilt even though I've only been sick for 5 days. It took a toll.

So for the next 3 days, this is what I have in mind:
~drink 90 oz of water per day
~tend to my chest congestion
~walk 2 miles today however slow. some pushups.
~laugh as much as possible. maybe a quiet chuckle so I don't stir up the chest congestion too much
~walk/hike 2 miles tomorrow
~depending on how Friday's and Saturday's walks go...3 miles on Sunday. Hopefully, early next week, I can add some slow jogs to the mix.
~complete the mountain of laundry I've been neglecting.
~Add lots and lots of veggies back to my diet after my bland eating this week.
~weigh in tomorrow.

Quite doable, I think.

looking to feel like this in no time

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