Sunday, December 23, 2012

my eggnog agreement

My "next door neighbor" had her annual eggnog social today. Yumyum. It's her grandfather's recipe and it's oh-so-good. I put "next door" in quotes because although technically she's the next door over, she's also 1.3 miles down the road. I've been playing catchup on work all weekend from being sick last pay period, going to my work's annual holiday lunch at Maggiano's in Atlanta Friday, going to the office on Tuesday (also in Atlanta), and finally so I won't have to work on Christmas day or next weekend when my in-laws are coming.



So yeah, eggnog. I worked a good bit this morning and timed it where I would only have to stay an hour. I can't do too much damage on the eggnog and baked goodies in just an hour, right? While working, I had a great idea. If I want to go have fun and drink yummy-rummy goodness, I would have to walk. This would also keep me in line to get my 10,000 steps today even though I'm working 9 hours. After I walked home, I only had 7900 steps so the Walrus and I leashed up the doggies and finished it up. I'm at 11,455 right now and the day isn't through yet. I'm feeling really good about this since being sick really put a kink in my exercise routine. It's all coming together again.

Had a hard time getting a focused picture today. This is the road to the eggnog social.
While walking home, I was watching the sky and the sunset. So beautiful. The grays, blues, whites, and even some corals from the sunset made for a glorious piece of art in the sky. I got inspired to create from walking, observing, and thinking a lot about nothing. Have you ever seen the idea on Pinterest about knitting a few rows of a scarf every day...whatever the color of the sky is that day? That's what this idea is based off.

again, having trouble with focus today. ;-)
What if I were to take a picture of a glorious masterpiece of the sky, start at the landscape and knit the colors from the horizon in front of me arching all the way to the horizon behind me? I would have a wonderfully, lusciously colored scarf starting with the browns from the Winter Earth, to the greens of the evergreens, to the shades of gray, coral, light blue, black, white, dark blue, and fading back into the greens, browns, and black again. 

Yes, I would like to create a scarf like that. 

When was the last time you were inspired? What were you doing? I usually find it late at night or when I'm doing something like walking, hiking, or practicing yoga. Funny how our minds work.

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