Sunday, December 9, 2012

saturdays in december, tradition, and fun

Every year, we blow our own glass ornaments at Orbix. This year, the kids made 2 each: one for themselves and one for Grammy & Grampy. I think they're going to love them. We get to pick up the finished ornaments Tuesday. Can't wait.

I held out this year since the Walrus couldn't come and I just spoke of budgeting. They do these events mostly in December but I think we will have to make ours at Christmas in July. Meanwhile, we'll enjoy the kids'. They loved it as always.

View of the studio.

Waiting is much easier with a doggie friend like Scotch.

Wild eyes!

Buttercup getting ready for her masterpiece.

Apparently, you only need safety glasses if you're a little guy.

Easy does it!

Putting the hook on.

They let us hike on their trails around the studio. Beautiful and very canyon-ey.
Saturday evening, I got ready for the One World Adventure Co's benefit and silent auction at the historic Mentone Springs Hotel.  I was a table captain and had to sell the plates for my table of 5. I sold 6. People are very generous. There were 2 more people at my table but I didn't include their pictures since I forgot to ask their permission to post. One is the local circuit judge so I abstained. BaH!

This is me and my attempt to get gussied up. Apparently a proper smile doesn't come with the gussying.  Reminds me of my Kindergarten pic.
So, now that I thought about my Kindergarten picture, let's compare. I guess I'm more toothy now, but the concept is the same.

circa 1975
But I digress... Back to the evening...

My lovely friend Ruth. She just bought a campground and has some grand permaculture/sustainable living visions. Watch out Mentone. We are on the rise with beautiful people like Ruth and her family.

My dates. The Walrus was at the SoHO food convention in Orlando. So more than one date, that's fair right?

My friends I met recently through Ruth. They're a riot and are great hiking buddies.

We enjoyed a jazz band after the benefit dinner. REALLY good wine was served.
Such a fun weekend. The kids and I kicked back Sunday and watched movies and didn't change out of our pj's. We took a short doggie walk because I feel a cold coming on. Relaxing with some diffused essential oils, peppermint oil on my throat and the nape of my neck, and big mug of green tea with honey, lemon, and cayenne pepper. Already breathing better. Nigh-night.

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