Monday, December 31, 2012

was wip, now it's wiD!

I had a day off yesterday. First one in a loooonnng time. I think my New Year's resolution should be to keep up with my work so I don't end up working 6 to 7 days a week. What did I do, besides help entertain the in-laws that arrived Saturday? I got caught up on laundry, cleaned the bathrooms, AND I finished not 1...not 2...but 3 knitting projects this past lovely Sunday. Those works in progress (WIP) are now wiD (work is done)! Although, am I ever truly done? I always have another project in mind and several more pinned, bookmarked, or saved on my hard drive.

I already blogged about the scarf I finished. I finally finished an earflap hat for the Walrus. He's been asking for this for more than a year but I had a mental block about it. I tried to cast on several times but kept jacking it up. Just casting on, hrmph. BUT, now it's done. And rather quickly too.

And I learned a new I-cord (like a rope ribbon made of yarn)! I always thought those sounded hard. As with most things I fear: Not. Hard...but super easy! Cast on 4 or the thickness you want on double pointed needles. Instead of knitting back by turning, push the work to the other side, knitting with the working yarn from the opposite side from behind. You probably already knew this though. :-)

I was SO thrilled with how quickly his hat went, I made me a new one.

LOVE it! I've had this yarn for awhile and was kicking myself for only buying one skein. After all, what can you do with one skein?? Make a hat, that's what you can do! Heheh. This yarn was super hard to work with but I love the finished result. I need to find it again because now I really want a matching scarf. And a black poncho or a cape. Pattern available here.

Next up, my friend that I made my first sale to, wants another hat. I'm knitting a pretty lacey rim with black wool/cashmere blend. Also, I promised a scarf to another beautiful friend when she graduated nursing school last Spring. Promptness is not my forte with knitting (except yesterday).My nursing friend will be getting a feather and fan scarf in Malabrigo Worsted (Loro Barranquero).

Yesterday was rounded out with a lovely hike with the Walrus, father-in-law, and the doggies. All my favorite things in one day: knitting, spending time with family, and hiking (not in that order). We also celebrated Christmas with the in-laws and Buttercup, the Walrus' daughter. Super fun.

Looking forward to a New Year's date with the Walrus this evening and spending more time with the fam. But first, I work. So I don't get behind for the coming weekend. Again.

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