Monday, December 3, 2012

weekend special pictorial update

In short, this weekend we toured a farm we joined a CSA for, walked and shopped for good organics around Chattanooga, volunteered at a tour of homes (only one featured here other homes boasted vastness, more beauty, infinity pools, and holiday decorations galore. So fun. So beautiful). Sunday evening was a feast for the eyes and ears with children's singing and yours truly's hands at bell choir at the Hanging of the Greens. And I still managed to catch up on about 7 hours worth of work.

A beautiful, joyous, amazing weekend. (Optional slide show by clicking on any photo)

Somebody was playing with the camera.

hugs for the doggies before we depart

We met a turkey and several roosters and hens at the CSA we just joined.

Carousel in Chattanooga

Carousel in Chattanooga

Taking a whiff of some good coffee.

Somebody was playing with the camera in the back seat.

View from Cragsmere's brow lot.

Back of Cragsmere

Front of Cragsmere. 
Cragsmere dining area. I believe this section of the house is 100+ years old.

Cragsmere's old sunroom. It was neat to hear the lovely little old ladies tell about days passed of dancing and large gatherings here. 

I even cleaned up and wore something other than yoga or workout clothes.

view from the upstairs bathroom at Cragsmere.

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