Wednesday, January 9, 2013

crafty goodness

We had a lot of fun at our crafty get together Sunday. We gathered leftover bits of yarn for the chair we plan to make for Ruth, attempted to work a knitting machine, Lisa made soul collages, I worked on a scarf, and Ruth worked on a hat. There was lots of tea, coffee, muffins, banana bread, and eventually some potato salad. But mostly laughter and good conversation with good friends were on the menu.

It's an organized crafty kind of mess.

The loveliest of ladies.

Lisa's soul collage. This one spoke to me and I feel inspired to create something similar on canvas.

More collages.

What it takes.
Our get together inspired me to fix a previous project: my felted yoga mat bag. It was my first felting project and I was very pleased with it. The problem? It's too long and I couldn't shrink it anymore without affecting the circumference. My super smart knitterly friend Sandy, talked me through some ideas to fix it. It didn't quite work out yet. She informed me I could cut the extra length off. It's felted, so it won't unravel. I was pleased with that part (which is the only part that can't be undone). I attempted to crochet a beaded border on the edge for embellishment. THAT didn't work out as well. Also, I haven't reattached the strap. I've stepped away from it for now and I think I have a new plan. I'll post the progress when it's made.

That's how much I want off.

I think I'll make coasters out of the extra.
My first attempt at beading my knit work.
Although I haven't succeeded in my beadwork, YET, my friend Sandy had an awesome idea. Take a piece of floss (don't try dental like I did. I know. Oy.) and hook your yarn at the end to easily transfer beads to your yarn. How cool is that? I can't tell you how many times I've attempted to bead yarn but darning needles are too big for the beads and bead needles are too small for the yarn. Smart lady that Sandy is. She shares more smart crafty wisdom on her blog.

It was the loveliest of weekends. Lots of crafty goodness, hiking, campfires, and family time. Thankful for the experience in every joyful moment.


  1. Thanks, Pamela. Great creative companionship! And yummy n healthy snacks! More!

  2. Looks like you all had a great time! So sorry I had to miss it!

  3. You bet is was an awesome day. Thank you for hosting. Lets do this again real soon.
    And please don't for get I can help you sew.