Monday, January 28, 2013

crafty sunday

Sunday we worked on the boy's space shuttle for the space derby and I finished the hat I've been working on since last week. The hat was a bit of a thorn in my side. I had to start it over umpteen eleventy-seven times. The lace edge was really getting to me. It wasn't hard per se, at least for the average knitter, but if I got distracted and messed up, I couldn't easily fix it. I only needed one uninterrupted hour to get through the brim but couldn't seem to find that hour so I kept attempting at church, at gymnastics, waiting for passing trains, etc. I finally sat down and told everybody not to bother me Saturday night and I finally got through it. I really like it. It has kind of a modern yet 20s flapper feel to it. I hope my friend I made it for likes it as much as I do.

Of course if she doesn't, I wouldn't be too sad about wearing it myself. It took less than one skein of yarn. It's made with Rowan Cashsoft DK in black. I just found out she wants a matching scarf. I better get busy!

does it look like a space shuttle yet? we had to sand a block and weren't allowed to shape it with a knife.
coloring the "fins."
shhh, artist at work
ready to race

couldn't resist a little try-on.

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