Thursday, January 31, 2013

done, to be done, to do

Been hard at work crafting this week, when I could fit it in, of course. It's been a busy work week with the end-of-month deadlines and all but I still managed to have some fun crafting (and walking, hiking, attending gymnastics, and bell choir).

I started and finished a dishcloth. I did it in 2 sittings which made me realize how much faster I am then just a couple of years ago-- about the last time I made a dishcloth. It used to take me 2 to 3 weeks before, during spare time here and there, but still...2-3 weeks. Now? I think it was about an hour and a half. Most knitters go much faster, I know but this is my PR. PR (personal record) doesn't just apply to running, right? And is knitting a race to get to the end? Nah, but it's fun knowing I have a much quicker turn-around. I'll have to stop using the excuse that I can't knit fast enough to sell my garments. Well, that and I actually started selling my garments recently. Just not fast enough to put anything on consignment.

I really liked the stitch I used for my friend's scarf that I had to try it for a dishcloth.

CO 24 (any multiple of 2 but still divisible by 4)
Row 1: K2 P2
Row 2: K2 P2
Row 3: P2 K2
Row 4: P2 K2
(moss stitch)
repeat, repeat, repeat until you have the length you want.

This one came out about 6.25"x6.25. I like my dishcloths a bit smaller.

dishcloth in moss stitch
After I finished off the ends of the dishcloth, I started a ruffle scarf. A nice lady at the appliance store where I bought our washer & dryer a couple of weeks ago showed me how. It's actually crocheted. One chain, that's it. Just keep chaining until you have the length you want. I'm pretty new to crocheting, and just like when I started knitting, I'm a very tight stitcher. That's the only thing making this project a challenge. Well, that and it's still awkward for me to use one stick instead of the 2 sticks required for knitting. OTHERWISE for most...this should be quick. Heheh. I'm sure it will be next time for me once I loosen my grip.

Lastly on my to do, well not really, I still have to finish the edge of my yoga mat bag. BUT for now, I need to redo this bracelet. These are cacao beans, I believe. My husband met with a vendor/mfr recently for Teeccino. This stuff is awesome. She already sent home samples but they're naturally decaffeinated "tea" that tastes a lot like coffee. I don't think they can actually call it "tea," hence the "tee." So, anywho, back to the project...They sent this lovely bracelet along with the samples. It's the part of the bean discarded that most throw away after using what they need. This lady thought they could use it...waste not, want not and all that. What a lovely piece of jewelry. The only problem was that it came a little small. And I have small wrists (along with small nose, and slender fingers. Everything else? Not so much.) So yeah, even with the small wrists, it was still too small.

So, I thought, I'll restring them and add a few beads I have laying around. I'm thinking hemp string. Then on the way home from bell choir, it hit me. Turquoise! Which, by the way, my boy aced turquoise on a spelling test last week. Super impressed since I can't even spell it without spellcheck. But I digress. The bracelet needs turquoise! So I went through sweet Buttercup's bead kit and found some lovely wood turquoise beads. She'll be able to negotiate a sweet deal out of that, I'm sure. So I will be restringing and adding beads for a completely custom fit.

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