Thursday, January 3, 2013

every day's a clean slate around here

I didn't "create" like I intended on New Year's but I did create something else. Well, I at least started it.

The in-laws departed yesterday so our holidays are officially over. Fresh start, clean slate, and all that good stuff. It was a very fun visit. This weekend leaves me feeling the need to clean, organize, and yes, still create. I'll be working on the scarf above as well as painting, hiking, and putting away Christmas decorations. Oh and maybe clean off the desk pictured above. I can never seem to get a hold of that. If I spend time organizing the desk, it takes time away from working. Oh the conundrum. We'll see where the weekend leads me. I'm not much of planner. Not in stone for sure!

Feeling free and happy getting back into healthy habits and exercise. It wasn't the holidays that threw me off this year as much as getting sick did. I had the time getting sick, time recovering, and now the time to find my way back. Here I am. Oh and the all-you-can-eat buffets. There were 2 this week. But don't worry... I wore my pedometer so it's okay. Oh, and the choices. I made good choices...mostly.

Maggies says, "Happy New Year!" She also wants to know when you're taking her for a walk.

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