Saturday, January 26, 2013


Found myself with a little free time this evening. The boy and man are fast asleep. Friday nights used to be my only alone time for awhile. Everybody's usually so pooped by Friday, they all fall asleep early. I'm really not sure how I got away from taking full advantage of this time...probably exhausted myself and surrendered my weary head to the pillow too.

But tonight? Tonight I think I have an hour of peace in me. Just finished work at 10p and could use a cold glass of water, some time relaxing on the couch, and some knitting. Trying to decide whether the Muppet Movie should play during this time or Pandora. I'd really like to finish the brim of the hat I started earlier this week. Hoping to fit in a page or 2 of my book club book, Wild.

Meanwhile, I poured over some pages of bloggy goodness:

SouleMama~ I used to read this daily. Haven't been in the mood in awhile but today I caught up a bit. I love this blog. Her projects are extraordinary and lifestyle choices (living on a farm, living homemade, authoring books, raising a big family, etc) make this girl think outside the box. She gives me hope and lets my imagination run wild. Very inspiring. Way too inspiring to get behind again. I shan't do that again.

West Knits~ Brand new to me... after following a link from SouleMama. This blog makes me swoon. The possibilities of knitty inspiring projects along with thoughts of living abroad also sparks my imagination.

Alas, I shouldn't stay up too late. Got an early morning group hike planned to the bottom of the falls. A different perspective is in order and I can't wait. I took these photos earlier this week from the top of the falls.

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