Friday, January 11, 2013

friday fracas

No particular theme today. Thought I would share fitbit's 2012 report:

Not bad since I got the device the 2nd week of August. I love visualizing crossing the Serengeti. I think that's enough miles to get to Canada from here. If not, definitely enough to walk to Chicago.

In health news, my allergies have been the worst I've experienced in a long while. I didn't suffer at all when I had the flu last month. Well I didn't suffer from allergies that is. My immune system was so revved up that my body didn't react to any allergens for about 2 weeks. I would have to say that was kind of nice except for the whole flu part. I started drinking coffee as a comfort during my recovery and now I'm re-addicted to coffee. I don't understand how something could feel so soothing, yet make me feel so bad at the same time. Coffee is only one of my offenders but I've been drinking it everyday for the last 3-4 weeks. Not good. I can handle it 1 or 2 times a week but not every day. I gave in to a cup yesterday because of the withdrawal headache but boy did I pay for it. My main symptom is choking...constantly clearing my throat and coughing. Not only is it super uncomfortable and annoying for me it's annoying to everyone around me. It's also embarrassing. Strangers always stop because they think I'm trying to get their attention. Oh no, never mind me carry on.

In crafty news, I set aside the crocheted granny square for now. I'm going to wait for a human to help me. You Tube is only helpful if I'm already somewhat proficient at a skill. Speaking of You Tube. I found one of the most helpful knitting (& crocheting) channels in a long time: New Stitch a Day. Last night I learned the Daisy Stitch, Right Twist Stitch, and Left Twist Stitch. Awesome. Sadly, I had to frog the project. My fiber was way wrong for this pattern. I can't wait to do this pattern though. It's a free pattern from Jimmy Beans Wool and pictured:

In cuddly news:

That is all. Looking forward to more crafty projects, yoga, and hiking in the rain this wonderfully free weekend.

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