Sunday, January 27, 2013

great day for a hike but isn't every day?

Part of this weekend was spent with family and good friends hiking to the bottom of the canyon to see the falls from the bottom instead of the usual vantage point from the top. It's a bit of work but so worth it. We're looking forward to bringing our lunch and swimming there this summer. Westley swam there last summer with his day camp buddies but we have never made it down until today.

The afternoon was spent catching up on work while the boys caught up on some Lego Indiana Jones. Westley got to act out some real Indiana Jones on the trails today...never. ever. losing his hat.

I'm ready to settle in for the evening with a glass of organic cabernet sauvignon or merlot, get some knitting done while the boys watch MMA in the other room.

started at parking lot above and walked 1/2 mile to trailhead to hike below. view of the dam before the glorious descent of falls.
More pictures from the top vantage point in yesterday's post taken shortly before sundown last Monday.
hiking across with young indy

a cave along the way

enjoying the cave

the dam in the first picture is 3 levels up from here. absolutely beautiful.


found our new swimming hole

rock ledge above. great places to rappel and explore more caves. will be heading back soon to explore the welsh caves.


The whole lot of us. I next to young Indy and Shine pup up front with all her friends. The Walrus way in back. (taken by and posted with permission from our hiking friend  Hank Allen pictured in sunglasses standing on left. SUCH a talented photographer)

One last pic from my park ranger friend with a great view from an even different viewpoint, up above and straight on:

Taken by and posted with permission from Desoto botanist Brittany Hughes, pictured in one above with Shine in front of her.
All other pictures taken my me (obviously since there's a huge quality difference ... heheh)

I LOVE living here! 

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