Tuesday, January 15, 2013

happy happy joy joy-struck gold...sort of

Hit a bit of luck today and struck a little gold of the yarnie variety. As I mentioned yesterday, I was a little bit nervous about being able to finish this order:

It's a Hobby Lobby exclusive so finding anywhere else was not going to happen. I thought I had enough leftover from my last scarf to do this one but I was wrong. The online store had none available with no other info. After going to 2 stores today, I think they're discontinuing the whole series of Yarn Bee's Andes Alpaca (I don't know this to be fact, just what it looked like). There were just a bunch of empty spaces on the shelf with a few stragglers of odd colors at both stores. Luckily on my second stop, there were 2 of this color. I grabbed them both and am so relieved I can finish this order...hopefully by this weekend. I'm also relieved I don't have to travel all over Atlanta later this week looking for it.

We made it worth our while and loaded up on a ton of wholesome groceries. I know, exciting post. It's really a big deal for us though. The closest store for GOOD groceries is an hour away which happens to be where we were today (Chattanooga how I love thee). We had a lovely lunch at Noodles & Co. YUM! Man I love noodles. I had the Bangkok Curry with lots of veggies and organic tofu. Again, we don't have things like this at home. I'm grateful most of the time because it makes it that much more of a treat when we travel to "town."

So if the Universe would really like to align things for me some more this week, tomorrow or Thursday would be a really good time to ship my backordered yarn from Jimmy Beans so I may start and finish a lovely hat for a lovely lady.

Shaping up to be a lovely, productive week. Hope yours is the same.

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