Tuesday, January 29, 2013

let's hit the trails!

It started out a quiet, creepy kind of morning. The fog was thick and heavy. There was an eery kind of color about. Yellowish. The storms they are-a-brewing. I think we're in for it tomorrow. The high is 70° and the low is a mere 56°. Then back to cold. Hoping the weather shows mercy on us during this volatile transition from cold-warm-cold again. No reason not to hit the trails this morning when it's so temperate though. The storms haven't arrived yet so let's hit the trails!

My trainer is back after a short Christmas hiatus. She took it easy on us. Thanks Be! It felt good to get out there with the girls again. Even if it was a meager showing of us 3. I felt I took it at a good clip and even ran a bit. I haven't done that in some time. It felt good.

I'm glad we're back. It makes me really kick it up a notch the rest of the week knowing I need to keep up during our group training sessions. Not that I have been without exercise during this time but I have been without the intensity.

As we emerged from the trail all of eyes tricked us for a bit. The moving fog made it seem like the trees were moving about. Had to stand and enjoy that for a bit. But not too long. We started getting cold and lunges were in order.

Can't wait until next week.

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