Tuesday, January 22, 2013

more finished projects & easy pattern for scarf

Have a couple of finished projects to share. I loved this hat I made a few weeks ago and just had to make a matching scarf. I made the scarf very narrow and supa-long and added pompoms because I just couldn't resist. I love it.

The hat pattern is available at SpiderWomanKnits. For the fiber, I used Yarn Bee's Fleece Lite in seaglass. It's super chunky which means super fun and with big needles it also means super fast. For the scarf I used size 11 needles and cast on 9 and knitted to about 72". For the pompoms, I wrapped it around the large part of my hand about 50 times, trimmed, and wove in.

This scarf was requested for a sale and sold. I used Yarn Bee Arabesque Andes Alpaca. I used size 10 ½ needles. The pattern is super simple but very nice looking...soft and warm.

Any multiple of 2...I cast on 24 and proceeded as follows in rows of 4:

Row 1: K2P2 to the end
Row 2: K2P2 (again)
Row 3: P2K2
Row 4: P2K2 (again)

I believe it's called the double moss stitch.

At first, I tried something more complicated but couldn't find the right fit for this yarn. I also needed something I could take everywhere and not have to think about the pattern too much. I could always look at what I've done to see where I am. Super easy, even for me.

So yes, after all my panicking last week thinking I wasn't going to be able to finish this order in a timely manner, I actually finished this scarf in a week's time. A personal record. Made a nice bit of change on the side too. Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

Sunday, I cast on for a lacy hat for the same friend who ordered the above scarf. I had a hard time starting this one for some reason (mental block) but ultimately got a hold of it. Should go quickly now...once I sit a spell with it. Should be done by this weekend.

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