Monday, January 14, 2013

projects update

Finally updated our window display of our glass ornaments. Our collection is growing. 

after: still need to do something else with the chili peppers and glass butterflies on the left.

Should've taken a before picture but you can see how I had them displayed before in the background of this pic:

before (hello again ladies)
Finally finished my friend's graduation present. Feather and fan scarf in Malabrigo Merino Wool Loro Barranquero:

loving this color. luckily i ordered too much for this project and this took less than one skein. that's a first for me...a scarf on less than one skein and ordering too much yarn, as you will soon see...
I wasn't so lucky with this one. I had 1 1/4 skeins leftover from a previous project. I have a friend who wanted a scarf while she was waiting for a hat she ordered from me. A hat whose yarn is on backorder. Got to work on this one pronto, found out I'm running of this yarn fast and this yarn is on backorder too. Oy. Find myself wishing I had made this narrower but I'm not sure if it would've mattered anyway. Although the store has it on backorder on the website, I'm hoping I can find a skein hanging out in one of their stores.  I've already scoured ebay, the web, and posted on facebook to see if anybody happens to have it in their stash. No such luck. I'm trying in Chattanooga and in the Atlanta area this week. Wish me luck.
The weekend was rounded out with taking the boy skateboarding (he's getting quite adept), hiking with the family in the rain, and several excellent movies. I highly recommend all of them. I need to redo my top 5 favorite movies now. Either update or expand it to my top 10. Will save that for a later post. Meanwhile, I highly recommend the following:

  • The Words (swoon)
  • Craigslist Joe (wow, so heartwarming. re-ignite your love for the human race)
  • Sound of My Voice (wasn't sure about this one at first. but the more i think about it and talk about it with the Walrus, the more i like it.)

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