Wednesday, January 16, 2013

joy-filled days

What a fun week this is shaping up to be. Today, we started back hand bell choir. We've been on a skeleton crew for a while and 1 more just dropped out. Not many of us read bass clef, including me. I've been playing treble E's and F's for almost 2 years now. When I found out another bass clef dropped out, I decided to step up. It would probably be easier to find somebody who reads treble soooo... It was time to challenge myself to something new. For now, I marked my music but this week I'll be practicing with some online music reading flash cards and try to teach this middle-aged dog some new tricks. The bells are a lot bigger in bass to so I will be burning more calories to boot. Sha-zam!

I also found out some good friends are starting a book club. How fun! Because I need another hobby, as my husband would say. Hey, I didn't pursue the raising chickens idea so there you go. The first book selection is Wild. I downloaded a sample a while ago and read it. Love Strayed's writing style and humor. I've been putting off buying it because Oprah recently recommended it and of course it's currently priced sky-high for an e-book. Thanks O. :-) I will probably go ahead and pay it though after I finish my current selection of The Land of Later On, which I'm really digging right now. Bonus, it's free to Amazon Prime members to borrow. That should offset the cost of Wild, right? That's what I thought. We'll go with that.
Don't click to look inside though. Active link: here. 

link: Wild
Making quite a bit of headway on my scarf that my friend ordered. I hope to be finished by Saturday so I can deliver and start on her hat. The yarn is on it's way. I can't wait to touch it. It's a wool/cashmere blend and very affordable so I'm having high hopes that I will work with this a lot in the future.

"They" are predicting 2-4" of snow tomorrow which in this part of the country should keep us locked in our houses for about 2 days. I say bring it. For the first time in a long time, I'm ready. Food-wise and Mentally-wise. My work is caught up and it would be a good day to step back, relax, drink lots of tea, partake in some yoga, and knit.

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