Monday, February 11, 2013

finishing moves

In other weekend goodness (in addition to book club Friday), I finished 2 hats, embellishing my yoga mat bag, and started the redo of my cacao bean bracelet.

I've never made a bracelet and didn't quite do this right. My friend in Texas showed me how like 2 years ago. My memory didn't serve me very well, so I need to sit down with youtube, I'm afraid. I like how it's going to look though.

I also mentioned wanting to redo my yoga mat bag. It turned out perfect in the circumference but it was too long. I thought I could live with it but alas, it bothered me. This was my first felting project. My wise and much-more-seasoned-knitting friend assured me I could cut and re-sew to my liking. She was very right, but it was still very scary. So, I present you the before and after.


eee-gad. That's how much I had to cut. This piece will make fine coasters. 


I also finished 2 hats. They're still drying. These are the first things I've ever knitted that required blocking. The off-white hat is more of a beret, very small. I finished knitting this one last year but never got around to weaving in and blocking until now. Would probably fit a young girl nicely. The second hat is an adult small to medium but super slouchy.

In other finishing moves, we watched Here Comes the Boom. And dare I mention Batman Returns? The boy is going through everything Batman these days so he's watching all the old movies including one of Adam West's movies (and series) from the 60s. Meh. He's having fun with it. I get a lot of knitting done. Win-win. 

Now, Here Comes the Boom. The whole family loved it. The guys really like MMA and the characters and story really spoke to all of us. Talk about finishing moves at the, bam! Yowza. That comes close to beating the boy's finishing move, "Grandma's Kisses (he named it)," but not quite.

Up next: my alternate Green Tea Latte recipe...

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