Tuesday, February 12, 2013

green tea latte

So, I read a neat little article over at Elephant Journal. It was how to make Vegan Green Tea Latte, a knockoff of Starbucks but much healthier.

Vegan Green Tea Latte
2 scoops matcha green tea powder
1 cup unsweetened almond milk
1 packet stevia, if desired
Warm milk on stove top until it is almost boiling. Place the matcha powder and stevia in the warmed milk. Whisk thoroughly to get rid of any chunks of powder and enjoy!
(Straight from Elephant Journal)
I thought it sounded really good. I love a good iced chai tea -- my knockoff [healthier than Panera and Doc Chey's] found in this post. And although I've never ordered a green tea latte out before (I don't get out much), it sounded right up my alley.

I had a few of problems with the above recipe: 1) Loose tea and powder can be quite pricey. I didn't want to commit to purchasing this product if I ended up not liking it. I've also seen where those powders have extra crap in them to make them shelf stable. I'm sure not all...but I've seen some. 2) I like my milk steamed. Not just heated through in a sauce pan. 3) Not really a problem per se, at least probably not your problem, but I have troubling digesting soy, almond, and regular milk.

I guess these aren't really problems...just my personal preferences. I had a long drive today and I guess this recipe filled my thoughts. How could I make this with what I have and with my preferences? I don't have a separate steamer (yet, been shopping around) but I do have a Krups cappuccino/espresso maker with a built-in steamer. I thought maybe I could run the water through there until the steamer activated, steam my milk and proceed with some brewed green tea.

But then...

I came home and looked at the machine and thought, "I can brew the tea while the water is getting pressure to steam, all in one shot!" Then I thought, "but I wonder if the water will get too hot for green tea. If you boil your water to a rolling boil to brew green tea, it can get very bitter." "Well," I thought again, "you won't know until you try." Then a thought said, "What?" And I said, "shush, I'm thinking." But I digress...

Thus my recipe was born. And it worked (a non-machine method will be posted below this).


  • one over-sized mug
  • 1-2 oz of your preferred milk. I used 2% lactose free milk. If you use 1% or skim, it will froth even more. Coconut milk would be especially delish in this (but won't froth as much)! Make it your own.
  • 2-3 bags of green tea. I used 2 but I think 3 would've been better.
  • I didn't use any sweetener because I don't like my tea sweetened unless it's earl gray. BUT you could use a touch of turbinado or a little stevia to your taste.
Fill the carafe to the 4 mark and pour in machine, tighten lid back on for the steam pressure to build.

Cut the tops of 2-3 green tea bags. This is so the tea isn't filtered twice; once through the machine filter and once through the paper filter. Don't want to lose any of that green tea goodness.

Place the loose tea in the filter and attach to machine.

Turn the machine on. When it sounds like it's about to burst (usually after the tea reaches the 2 mark for mine), put your mug filled about 1/3 full of milk and turn the knob to steam to your heart's content. Next, turn the knob back to finish it's brewing.

Pour the brewed tea into your frothy goodness and enjoy. This would be a good time to stir in your sweetener if that's what toots your flute.
The machine did not. in fact, scorch the green tea. It was delightful.

So yeah, now that I know I like it, I'll have to check out the more economical way of making this concoction: bags like I did it, loose tea, or the powder.

Alternate, non-machine method:

Boil water until the little bubbles start to arise, that's a good temp for green tea. Fill your mug with the slightly boiling water to about half. Brew for 3 minutes, tops. The heated milk will dilute the rest enough. Heat your milk, about 1/3 to half your mug's worth on the stovetop, to right before boiling. Pour heated milk over. Lightly stir, and add sweetener to your taste.


I'll definitely be playing around with this concoction a lot. It was really delicious and smooth. I think I might try a super-strength one and ice it. Oh, the possibilities are endless.

I'm feeling rather grateful this idea came to fruition in my waking hours and not as I wistfully drifted off to sleep (as most of my ideas do, only to be promptly forgotten).

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  1. This sounds great. I don't have a steamer but I'll try it the other way.