Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Wow. Just ordered squishy goodness Friday afternoon and look what was in my mailbox this fine Monday morning:

Oh. That turquoise looks even better in person! Love. Just love. Absolutely basking in its light. Just like George Costanza who would drape himself in velvet if he could, I would do the same with turquoise. Well, with jewelry or on my walls and everywhere before my eyes at least. I can't rave enough about Jimmy Beans' online store. Super efficient and the staff is really friendly. (Completely unsolicited opinion. I was not compensated to say that. I wouldn't be against such things, mind you, especially if it involves yarn but alas, I just love their service and abundance of variety all in one place)

In the works this weekend: started a scarf for a friend to match her hat and made a dishcloth for same friend. She wants a bunch but I got one done. This one is extra large, named wavey-wave. Heeyyy {wave}! With my not-so-good camera skills, I had to choose between color and detail on this one. I chose detail. The cloth is actually red. The black is the start of her scarf.

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