Friday, February 15, 2013

mopping simple solutions

Do you like your disposable mop covers as much as I do? Oh yes. BUT I don't like having to repurchase the covers (or throw them out). So, I cover with a reusable microfiber cloth. A simple solution evolving from my need (and the Earth's needs) to move away from disposable to reusable. I got the idea after seeing several knitting patterns for a cover. I like to knit as much as the next person but I wasn't finding the gumption to knit my own. After running out of covers (again), I finally thought of a solution.

Cut the cloth so you can place the edge of the mop at the edge of the cloth and pinch the corners in. VoilĂ !

Should probably cut the back off so it doesn't gather but it works very well.

Then just toss in the nasty designated towels-and-rags-that-cleaned hamper.

Up Monday: The reason I found myself sweeping and mopping. No, I don't clean until I see a reason, unfortunately. ;-)

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