Thursday, February 21, 2013

parents' night out

Probably a little late in the week to share a weekend post, but meh, here it is. I finished this hat thinking I made it for a smaller head. Oy, I have trouble making hats for small heads. I think it's a mental block. I went for so many years not being able to buy a hat for this noggin because they don't make them big enough. So, now I make my own. Pretty big, apparently. 

I was making this hat by request...from a stranger...and she up and quit her job. I have her email but have no intention of tracking her down. I will also be rethinking any future intentions on receiving orders from strangers. Or at least how I will do that. It all worked out, just as it always does. The hat cost me more than I estimated. With the cost of materials and labor, I would normally sell this hat for about $50. I think that's a lot and can't imagine trying to sell it -or- finding a buyer with a big enough head for it. 

Good thing I like it! It's mine. Heh.

In other weekend news, I got to go on a date. Little man's gymnastics center was having a parents' night out. The Walrus and I enjoyed a sumptuous dinner at the Wildflower Cafe. I had the grilled salmon, broccoli, and the special vegetable of the night: roasted butternut squash with a tiny bit of blue cheese (I can't take a lot with my allergy to mold), toasted walnuts, and a pinch of cayenne. It's the kind of meal that reminds you to pause, be thankful, and eat s l o w l y, savoring every last bite. So good. The butternut squash was divine. I kept pushing it around my plate so it would never end. But it did. One vat to go please! Then, we headed out of the dry town and got cocktails at the next town over. I had the lemon drop martini. I make them better but enjoyed it nonetheless. 

Meanwhile, little man enjoyed a night with friends tumbling, playing games, and eating pizza. Pretty good deal all around if you ask me.

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