Friday, February 22, 2013


scattered, random, and inspired...

As I work late into the night, I stop myself from asking my little sleepwalker if he needs to go to the bathroom. It's a gut reaction, I can't help it. In case you're wondering, you should never ask a sleepwalker this because it will happen right then and there. I stopped myself, remembering last time, and gently guided him back to bed.

I am ready for Spring. I love all the seasons in their own right but find myself ready for the next one a few weeks before the previous one is finished. So Spring, I welcome thee. 

Along with sunny, warm days and blooms. Oh the blooms and the aromas. I'm ready. I see my rose bush, clematis, and creeping jenny coming back to life. I also see and smell rosemary in my future. Everybody who grows it promises of its prolificness but I have yet to succeed without burning the holycrap out of it. I would also like to succeed with tomatoes this year. My genius plant-loving-and-growing friends will be hearing from me for much needed, solicited advice.

Trying not to plan but wondering what the weekend will bring. I should work but really could use a day off. Or two. Decisions. Not my forté. I should definitely organize my yarn and yarn paraphernalia storage though.

Currently loving on Woodland from The Paper Kites

Wandering about in the innernetmachine: Rebekka Seale. Beauty and inspiration. So artistic, so crafty.

Finally finished The Great Gatsby and started Wuthering Heights for next book club. Having a hard time getting in to Wuthering but I started rough with the beginning of Gatsby too. Practicing patience with myself. As a distraction, I flip through the musings of Elizabeth Zimmermann's The Opinionated Knitter- a splurge on a recent trip to NY.

I'm also daydreaming of shawls and cardigans. I'm ready for a new challenge beyond my dishcloths, scarves, and hats.

Enjoying the sound of rain on our aluminum roof. Especially enjoyable since the leak was fixed a couple of weeks ago as well as the drainage issues in the front yard addressed some time last year.

Every time I think I will get the chance to make my own laundry detergent, I get 5 more loads of laundry with my current detergent. The box is bottomless. First time ever. It's like a watched pot never gets boiled, I guess. Now that I'm waiting on the box to house my homemade version, it never ends. Maybe this weekend -- there I go planning again.

Looking forward to our next house repair. More to come on that.

Continuing the randomness with a random rock ledge...

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