Saturday, February 2, 2013

supery dupery psyched excited

I delivered and finalized a sale today of a lovely, lacy hat. She liked it so much that she wanted a matching scarf. We designed it on the spot (although I came in with a couple of ideas...I shared. She shared. We created). And then, one of her co-workers admired her hat but liked my hat. A hat I've dubbed Elle Slouchy Hat (named in honor of my friend who created the pattern). She ordered one too. So I made a sale, and walked out with 2 more orders. Nice.

Which means, I need to go shopping. I ordered more black wool/cashmere for the scarf to go with the hat. The other girl likes blues, greens, and turquoise. Oh my, I love turquoise. It makes me swoon a little just picturing the luscious color. So, I got my order in and have enough leftover hat yarn to start the scarf. Looks like I have a busy weekend and week on deck. Love it.

My new scarf design. I'll write up a pattern once I do it.

I tried to sharpen and correct the image but nothing is hiding that I drew on the back of a work paper.  Such a crude sketch, but alas, it's not where my talent lies. 
The boy and I have a scheduled waterfall hike, then it's knitknitknit, lots of laundering, and making our own detergent...recipe coming soon.

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