Friday, February 1, 2013

the bane of my existence

Laundry has been the bane of my existence for about 3 years. Well, bane may be a little harsh. I do somewhat like it, all Hand Wash Cold style, meditative, and whatnot. So it's not that I dislike laundry that much but my washer and dryer (which were very expensive and HE but really not HE) were total lemons. They're only about 5, maybe 6 years old. They never worked right. To top it off, it was very expensive to have somebody just come look at it. AND to top it off even more, nobody around here can get the brand's parts. I'll withhold the brand name since this is just one consumer's problem and it's really not my place to out a brand based on that. I'm sure they made plenty of other quality appliances. The washer never really cleaned right and progressively got worse and the dryer never dried right, taking 2 cycles in the beginning and close to 6 cycles in the end to dry. (Although, I'm still having some dryer issues, taking sometimes 1 but can take up to 2 times to dry but have identified that problem elsewhere and am working on it. I'm sure to give a full report soon since my posts are super-exciting like that.)

We finally relented and bought a new set. This time I went SUPER cheap. Found the cheapest quality appliances we could find and went with it. My reasoning (much like my other friend Pam's reasoning)? The simpler the make, the easier it is to fix. Less moving parts and all that. They'll tell you the technology is in the fancy appliances just like they say that about automatic transmissions. But technology and automatic transmissions are expensive to maintain and cost a lot to fix, and for me inevitably always go kablooey. My cheap appliances and manual transmissions have been historically much better for me and my well-being and my wallet. But again, I digress. I went with the top loader instead of the front loader. Two bonuses here: the top loader uses more water, which the environmentalist in me doesn't like, but it actually gets the clothes clean! Secondly, the top loader with the agitator allows me to felt my woolly knitting projects without going to the laundromat or a friend's house. I have got to get started! More projects! Weee!

name brand erased for the same reason I won't "out" my lemons. I'm not familiar with this set enough to promote although, so far, I'm quite pleased with how quickly I can get several loads done now. AND how clean it all comes out. CLEAN laundry. Whodda thunk?

So, why all the talk of laundry and appliance updates? I want to make my own laundry detergent. After scouring online for laundry detergent recipes, I think I came up with something good for my family's needs. Ironically, right after I bought the stuff to make laundry detergent, a manufacturer's rep just sent us 2 big bottles of environmentally safe detergent (for the Walrus' job of selling- so we can try it and rave about it to his customers).

Ah well, gonna make it anyway. Should be set for a good long while now. The two boxes in the picture above are two of the ingredients I'll be using: washing soda and Borax. I can't wait to share the recipe and results early next week.

The yellow sheets on the wall are printouts explaining all the laundry care symbols in one easy place. Brilliant! I put them in plastic sheet protectors, put a metal shower curtain hook on them, and hung them on the wall for easy access. Where did I find this wealth of information along with lots of good laundry goodie recipes? At One Good Thing by Jillee, probably one of the most helpful blogs out there. I don't really have that much trouble reading clothes tags, they usually print it out in words, English language and all. BUT my yarn? Not so much. You have to decipher that tag. And you can download your own printouts too. The aforementioned post is linked right in this here sentence.

Just doing my part to pass along some bloggy goodness...even if you don't find it here.

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