Tuesday, February 19, 2013

what am i doing about scale-creep?

I've reached the point that I start getting lazy. In the past, this is where I slowly, gradually give up. It's very subtle. The negative thoughts aren't loud and obnoxious. They're quiet little whispers that eventually take hold and I adopt them as truth.

*I can't do this. I'm still trying but then I don't try. I record my food but at the end of the day, I stop recording. I went over. What's the use?*

The difference this time? The thoughts are different. And Mostmom1 reminded me of this yesterday. I find myself recording the food then giving up when I've gone over BUT I'm not bashing myself this time- whispered or not. I pull myself up by my boot straps. So yeah, I never made a conscious effort to make my thoughts more kind. But I was aware that too much of it was negative and slowly tried to change it. (Slowly, only because, day-amn, sometimes it's hard to break bad habits)

But I've been doing it over the past couple of years. I started with the negative people in my life. They would do something to irk me and I would find myself thinking badly about them and it would consume my thoughts on say a 3 mile walk. I would catch myself and tell myself, "Self, you know this walk would've been a lot more pleasant if you had only let go of those thoughts. That person is not you and all is fine in the world." So, how did I let it go? I started imagining white light around that person (or persons). I imagined being kind to them (not that I was not kind, but responding with silence when not knowing what else to do was probably not the kindest of interactions). I imagined doing nice acts for them . I didn't DO those things literally, just imagined. You know what happened? Those people aren't in my life anymore. One stays clear of me, when she used to come to me and gossip or stir the $#!T. Now, she doesn't bother. The other one moved away.

So, those kind of thoughts started seeping into other areas of my life like self-talk. Before I knew it, I had pretty clean thoughts. Not perfect, but mostly.

This time, when I see the scale-creep (when the scale slowly goes up again), I'm not owning it. I'm not slowly giving in. I'm telling myself I can do this and that I'm strong enough, smart enough, and by golly people like me! Heheh.

When I first joined sparkpeople, I blogged about motivation. A. Lot. Why? I knew this day was coming. Now, it's time to go back and read those blogs to help keep me motivated. It's time to be vigilant with my food and beverage choices. It's time to walk a bit further, practice more yoga, practice self love with rewards of time to play, interact with others, and travel.

Today I faced the scale-- up about 4 pounds. Truth is faced, time for action.

~ Record all my food with utter vigilance. I did this the past 2 days and I see where I can improve. Unlike most people it seems, I LOVE breakfast. I wake up with hunger pangs. Eating breakfast is not my problem. I find that I eat about 400-500 calories for that one meal (THAT's my problem). I also found if I cut that down to 250-350 calories, the rest of the day is much easier. So with that explanation, I'm cutting back on breakfast. You heard it here.

~Be more vigilant with exercise and be kind to myself when it doesn't go as planned.

~ CSA is starting soon which means more veggies on my plate

~Read the rest of  The Body Ecology book and balance my flora (in my gut). Fine tune this awesome machine of a body.

Peace, light, and love to one and all. Be kind to yourself.

Up next: gentle reminders.

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