Monday, February 18, 2013

yoga corners, winter version

Friday's cleaning post was brought to you by Yoga. Yes. Yoga. I went to make a corner for practice and noticed the floors were full of dog hair and general floor yuckiness. Which prompted me to clean. Then I cleaned all the floors in the house before I practiced. How's that for a slight distraction? Too bad I didn't clean my desk for the picture.

In the summertime, I like to practice yoga outside ('cept when it's too buggy). In the Winter, I have to find other solutions. Feeling particularly out of practice and consequently uber-tight, I needed to get on my mat and find my Winter corner. And here it is:

Ignore the mess, I paused work to get my practice in. I blurred out the paper recycling on the floor to the right to make it look less messy but it didn't help.
Not sure why Shine felt the need to hide under the desk. Bryan Kest's Power Yoga is on the monitor ready to guide me today. (Side note: When I went to link that up, I noticed the instant video is available for purchase for just $1.99 each. WoW! What a deal.)

One of my favorite poses: tree pose. It's the one pose where I can find complete and utter quietness in my mind and total focus.

Gently reminding myself that daily practice really is a must. My hips were super tight (much like my knitting) and the poses really help relieve the tension. Namaste ya'll.

Up tomorrow: what am I doing about scale-creep?

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