Friday, March 15, 2013


There were no shortage of steps and RPMs around here today my friends. We are taking full advantage of the extra daylight and loving it! I try to walk with friends twice a week; Mondays and Thursdays. We usually drop the kids off at school and go up and down River Road either 2 or 3 miles round trip depending on what time we have.

We changed it up a bit this morning and walked about 2 miles to the Desoto State Park lodge and cabin area and back. It was SO cold but we felt accomplished doing it.

This afternoon, the boy and I had to run errands doing work organizing the elementary school's talent show on Saturday. Picking up concession stand goodies and the trophies and medals and whatnot. Even made a quick jaunt to the library.

We came home and fed the birds, walked the doggies, and packed up the bike rack.

We went mountain biking this evening!

We both did very well considering it was our first time. I was so excited I left my bike on the car so I can try again after dropping off Westley at school in the morning.

So fun.

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