Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Feeling a little disheartened today. This is happening not even a half mile from my house on the brow side of the mountain.

it was raining
Those plots of land were adopted and protected as Alabama forest.
sign not even 50 yards from the clear cutting.

Somebody apparently sold their rights and is letting a logging company clear cut. This mountain, Lookout Mountain, just made national news in USA today not even 3 months ago as a mountain deteriorating due to land massing and erosion.[sidenote: I read this in the paper. I can not find a link to the same article online.] Just a little further South, they're even reinforcing the road and side of the mountain so a major thoroughfare doesn't careen off the mountain. Er, trees help with erosion, yes? It's so sad that companies can't see the future detriment of our land beyond their bottom line. 

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing will change oh no it will not. ~the lorax

In more uplifting news, Forever Wild obtained 200-some-odd acres across the road from the clear cutting and is giving Desoto Park access and allowing them to cut trails (but not trees). Yay!

ETA: I pulled over and spoke with the loggers this morning. The owner of the land ordered 70% or 100 acres to be cleared for developing, subdividing, and building. 70! I'm so glad Forever Wild is just on the other side but geez that's a lot of trees. Most builders only remove enough trees to build a house around here but not this one!

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