Friday, March 1, 2013


This end of month found me very harried. Too much to do with too little time. Especially since I only had until the 28th to meet my work's end of month deadlines. I was down to the wire getting every bit in that I could only missing 1. One! One profile was pushed through at 12:00am March 1. AND I still made dinner, walked 11,000+ steps, ran errands, and took care of the boy and dogs. Shew! I feel very depleted today. But in a good way. I will be able to take the whole weekend off for the first time in awhile. It's funny that I can't get that much accomplished without a deadline of some sort. With the deadline, I do other things to distract me when I get particularly stressed.

So, depleted in a good way... Today I'll rejuvenate a bit. Take the shower I didn't take yesterday. Have leftover enchilada stackers I made last night. Enjoy a salad made with lavender rosemary extra virgin olive oil vinaigrette. Wear yoga pants and a comfy shirt and even practice yoga. Walk the doggies. Tonight will be capped off with a glass of Malbec and time with the family decompressing.

It's crappy picture Friday, right? Lavender Rosemary Olive Oil & Santa Julia Malbec. My honey knows me well,  for this is what he brought me home yesterday. Thanks babe!

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