Tuesday, March 5, 2013

hiking, gnarled wood, roots, & waterfalls

Saturday, I took a 3 hour break from family life and went on a guided hike. Although, I know these trails better than the back of my hand, I always learn something new by being led by our fearless leader Brittany (the state park's naturalist and historian).

As always, click on any picture for full-size and slideshow.

one of my favorite things about hiking is the gnarled, twisted wood and roots. especially visible in the winter.

sweet birch. Identifed by the ringed trunk and it's penchant for growing out of rocks. Scrape a twig and chew on it for fresh wintergreen taste

a very mature sweet birch

at the quarry where the boys of the CCC got the rocks for many pavilions and houses within and near the state park.

lost falls (although I always find it)

laurel falls- can never seem to find this one on my own.

gnarled roots

planted firmly, standing tall

indian falls 
west fork of little river from above.

A little less than 7 miles, 18,886 steps. Returned home for family fun with movies, hanging out and eating delicious meals. Awesome day.

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