Saturday, March 16, 2013

got on the souullllll train!

I hopped on the Soooouuuulllll train (what I call my car) for another beautiful day of bike riding. I got a lot of steps while I was at it. I ran around the school most of the morning getting ready for our school's Talent Show Saturday, accounting for most of the steps. Also, I walked up a few of the hills I couldn't get my bike up. It was very challenging. Yesterday, the boy and I took about 70 minutes to do the 3.4 mile loop. Today, I did it in 40 minutes-- and that was with the walking. I was at 8400 steps before noon. I'll be able to reach 10,000 easily after the doggie walk this afternoon.

Once I get more proficient on the bike, I don't think the up hills on this trail will be much of a problem. But right now, I panic a bit going downhill causing me to slow down and lose momentum for the uphill. And I wonder how long before my tutu doesn't hurt from the seat. :-/

Saturday will be the talent show (lots of steps for me!) and Sunday will be my grand hike of the month...dum dum dum...The WALLS of JERICHO. It's a measly 7 miles round trip. Ahem. The last time I did the Walls was about 3 years ago. I vividly remember how hard it was to get out. I'm not much for resting when going up hill because once I lose the momentum, it's just that much harder. BUT the WALLS? Yeah, I think I slowed down and/or stopped every 50 steps or so. This should be a tell-tale challenge revealing my current state of fitness.

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