Wednesday, March 6, 2013

organizing diy before & after

I used to tell myself that I wasn't a stash collector... that I bought the yarn I needed for the project I was doing and that was that. Then I noticed a corner of my craft room was getting a little out of hand. I think it's time to face the evidence before me. My little cleanup diy project turned into an eye-opener for this here crafter-in-denial. It's not out of hand...yet. But now when I go to get togethers, I can't say I'm unable to swap or give away yarn because I don't have a stash. Alas, I confess. I have a bit of a stash. And a mess.

May I present exhibit A:

let's see starting at left going clockwise: photo boxes, grocery bag that houses Buttercup's markers, bucket of dog toys, yarn needles in the tall bucket, crochet and circulars in short bucket, heart box little man made me housing little bits, books. a bag from Hobby Lobby still not emptied, ribbon, essential oil ionizer, basket of cotton yarn, markers and felt color pages (more behind the cabinet) an empty folder, and a stray paper.

And a peek inside, presenting exhibit B:

inside: the alleged stash and a drawer with all of my yarn paper wraps, garden inserts desribing plants, the parts of skeins that didn't get used, and a few pamphlets of patterns.

After much rewinding of leftovers, unraveling of projects gone array, and untangling yarn that the dogs got a hold of (it's not just cats that like yarn), I present the after:

Knitting needles, circulars, crochet hooks, pencils, markers are corralled. Books displayed in basket. Small jewelry crimping beads in the little box. Buttons, and other jewelry beads in big heart box.
A look on the inside:

Shine supervised.

mostly whole skeins & hanks on the inside. Cotton on the right, wool in the middle and front, and blends on the left.

leftovers re-balled, novelty yarns, hemp string, crochet case, and all of the yarn tags of everything I've made ever.

One last skein still needs to be untangled. Dang dogs. ;-)

I inherited a lot of my notions from my mom. Coincidentally enough (b/c she's the one that taught me to knit), I found a picture of her amongst all of this. I think she watched from above guiding me on what to keep and what to get rid of.

circa 1999. keep rockin' dear ma, wherever you are on your magical musical electrical guitar.

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