Thursday, March 21, 2013

quick random-y update

I'm really trying to get my rear-in-gear around here. Lots of 5Ks to sign up for so I can work my way up to finishing a 10K this year. I'm hoping by the Fall. Next year, I would like to complete a half marathon. I've been tracking my eating and feeling on track (mostly). I'm looking forward to taking a few days off from work during spring break next week. There will be lots of hiking to be done, that's fo-sher!

Today, I'm recovering from my new shoes. I had to buy blister pads. I haven't done that in a long while but every time I buy Nike or Reebok, this happens. You think I would learn by now, but no. Meh. It's all good though. Once they're broken in, all will be fine. My new water hikers are on order as well as the husband's hikers. Our whole family will be set for hiking for a good long while now. 

In random-y updates, I present a couple of fun FitBit awards:

this was sunday at The Walls of Jericho. Su-zah!

that's since the middle of August, I think. 

and yes, i did get 10 hours and 27 minutes of sleep.... but just one night b/c that was the only night i activated my fitbit to record my sleep.

Those steps are more like it! I've been really slacking on obtaining my weekly steppedge. Last week was a good week. 21,000+ of them were from Sunday's hike as well as 125 "flights of stairs." Tomorrow is a fresh start: Getting a new 'do', eyebrows done, and attending the boy's spring special snack and egg hunt.

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