Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I got an unexpected bonus at work yesterday so the boy and I went shoe shopping. Fun! I  was never 100% satisfied with my choice a few months back. I went to a specialty running shoe store to be evaluated and personal opinion? Wasn't worth it, at least not for me. Not really the store's fault, I told the sales guy that I liked running and I liked hiking. What I failed to share is that I don't really like doing them at the same time. I'm not even sure I knew that at the time. I got trail running shoes but they never fulfilled my running needs. AND they 'pop' when I walk, despite one exchange already. You don't discover these things in the store no matter how much you jump, run around, and general tomfoolishness you display.

SO, I'm keeping the trail runners for hiking and maybe some light trail jogging and I splurged on some dedicated runners. I wanted these about a year ago but I couldn't bring myself to spend $100+ dollars on shoes I know are only going to last about 6 months. Well now, the style, is well... out of style so they're much cheaper now. I can live with that.

runners on my feet and hikers drying out from hike this last weekend.

I'm raring to go now! Now if Spring would just come! Oh wait, TODAY starts Spring. I'm ready for the warm weather. Still waiting, even in the South.

I have a great update from Sunday's hike in my head but haven't had a chance to write and post. Monday's straight-line winds and tornadoes knocked our power out for several hours. Luckily, I don't know of anyone hurt, just some property damage. The park where I hike is a mess. Need to carve out some time to go help clean up. Lots of trees and power lines down as well as busted out windows. Tis the season.

But Sunday we did hike the Walls of Jericho and it was so fun. It also reminded me that I promised myself some quality water shoes last year this time. My feet got quite wet. I'm shopping on the internet for those. Trying to make a decision-- not my forté-- deciding, that is .

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