Monday, March 4, 2013

this week's edition of the wanderer

This week in my bloggy wanderings, I found My Soul is the Sky. Very inspiring. I ran across her blog when I took notice of one of my friend's pins that shows you how to do an eyeliner trick to show more depth. I don't wear that much makeup so I'm not sure why I clicked but I'm so glad I did. She also has a tutorial on how to trim your own side bangs. I've done it a few other times off of a tutorial from Heidi Klum's hairdresser but never did feel confident. I think I like Melissa's method better. I tried it today. I went a little on the short side and I didn't quite get it right but I'm pleased overall. My hair grows so fast so I'll have lots of chances to practice. I don't have a true "before" picture because I forgot but here's from a couple of weeks ago:

Dang. I had to go back all the way to January 1st. I've been wearing hats a lot lately. Apparently for every picture after this. But, you get the idea. they needed to be cut back then too.

And my so-so after, but still pleased:

My hairdresser will be un-to-pleased but I bought myself some time before I have to see her again so maybe it will be easer to fix. :-) Is it weird I can cut my own hair but I don't have the courage to pluck my own eyebrows?

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